Monday, August 11, 2008


Awww censors. We expect them at the MTV movie awards and squeaky clean morning talk shows. But menu pages? Menu pages?? Censors at the beloved service of crazed, starving, neurotic New Yorkers who lunch? Get outta here!

Apparently Menu Pages is taking some cues from East Berlin's Secret Police circa 1984 and monitoring negative comments made on its site. My dear co-worker and resident HR guy David Weller ordered some food over the weekend, and the food well...sucked. It sucked so bad that he left a comment on menu pages saying it was (and I quote) a "big bag of suck." Apparently that phrase didn't fly with the We're Serious Over Here at our Menu Pages Place department and they edited his comment to say the order was "disappointing."

No no no menu pages, it wasn't just disappointing, it was a big bag of suck. The fact that movie producers are still allowing Kevin Costner to star in major motion pictures is disappointing, ordering what you expect to be a great meal only to be thoroughly thoroughly let down by what arrives is in fact a big bag of suck.

This has put the agency in quite a conundrum. On one hand the little activists in us all want to relive the 70's (weren't they like so great?) and boycott menu pages. On the other hand we really like lunch and things that are hella convenient. Enter conundrum. Damn internet and all your mind games!

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